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The prime motivator for growth in any system is profit. If a system is unprofitable, then it is unsustainable. This places charities in the unfortunate situation of being dependent on the whim of profitable systems to survive. Monetary incentivization lays a heavy blow, and charities have to modify themselves to continue to attract funding. Simian Finance is the first project to simultaneously reward investors and charities.
Donations go to

Orangutan Outreach

Orangutan Outreach’s mission is to protect orangutans in their native forests of Borneo and Sumatra while providing care for orphaned and displaced orangutans.

After one week of re-launching SIFI, we have already donated over 2.1 ETH worth $4,000 dollars and helped saving 16 Apes!

Orangutan Outreach

Profit while helping

Our framework combines rewards for users and yield sent to charity

Orangutan Outreach

Adoption Certificates

Verify the donations and check the adoption certificates issued by the charity

Orangutan Outreach

Global donations

Accumulated rewards help donate to charities all over the world

Simian Finance
Our Mission

An Automated Yield and Donation Protocol

We envision a model that fuels a constant stream of distributed donations purely through ongoing activity on the SIFI token, which employs innovative direct economic incentives new to the crypto space.
Simian Finance

Growth through Activity

The SIFI.Finance protocol grows and earns through everyones activity, helping to fuel donations saving real monkeys!

Simian Finance

Adoption Certificate NFTs

Our partner charity issues real adoption certificates that we issue as NFTs!

Simian Finance

Our Donations Save Animals

We are donating actively and passively to chosen charities to help save monkeys.

about us

Dedicated and Passionate Community

The SIFI Team is composed of volunteer developers, designers, and product managers from our growing community. We have built a foundation for continued development and are keen to make SIFI into a protocol for automated and onchain-verifiable donations to charities.


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Simian Finance
Simian Finance

SIFI Token is Rug-Proof

96% of the SIFI Token supply was put up for liquidity on Uniswap and the corresponding Liquidity-Provider tokens have been burned. No single party or team can take out the liquidity. The SIFI token will have a liquid market on Ethereum forever
Contract Ownership has been revoked. No single party or team has control over the token contract or could make any bad intended changes

Rewards Accumulated Through Gamified Donation Protocol

SIFI employs an aggressive 5% distribution fee. This means more passive rewards and donations for our buyers and our charities. In addition to the continuous passive charitable distributions, we also actively donate money regularly directly to charity.

Our main donation wallet accumulated rewards through the protocols activity.

Regular donations by us and community will be made through this wallet to save more apes.

Special issued NFTs will be sold in the future to help raise more money to save apes.

Simian Finance
Simian Finance

Verification through Adoption Certificates

We are issuing every Adoption Certificate we get from our donations onchain as NFT for people to see and buy.
Simian Finance


Our main donation wallet accumulated rewards through the protocols activity.

Simian Finance


Automatically converted to NFT after donating to the charity.

Simian Finance


Every donation results in real adoption of existing monkeys. What you get is a personal adoption certificate.


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Things to look forward to

Our Future Roadmap

Revive of the Project
First Donation to Charity
Launch of Website and Social Channels
Forming Development Fund by Community
New Branding
Adoption-Certificate as NFTs
SIFI Token Analytics via TheGraph
Coingecko Listing
Enhanced community involvement
NFT auctions and fundraising
Meme contest
Blogpost with charity Orangutan Outreach
CoinMarketCap listing
Partnership with influencer
Launch of TheGraph dashboard
Donation goal $100,000 / 500 Apes

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common frequently asked questions

The Simian Finance contract is based on the reflect mechanism. Each transaction is taxed with a 5% fee which is redistributed among all SIFI owners, weighted by the amount of SIFI tokens they are holding.

The token contract was forked from the HOGE token which is audited by WarOnRugs and in safe use for nearly a billion dollar marketcap.

We have also put up 96% of the total token supply up for liquidity on Uniswap and burned the LP tokens, meaning that this liquidity is forever locked and can’t be exited. No rugpull possible.

Liquidity Token Burn

Furthermore the contract ownership was revoked. This guarantees that the token contract can be trusted as nobody has access and can make any bad intended changes.

Ownership Revoke Tx

The total supply of SIFI is 5 million tokens. SIFI taxes every transaction with a 5% fee that is redistributed among all holders. The token is deflationary since the burn address is also holding SIFI tokens acting as a black hole. The burn wallet is currently holding about 1% of the total supply and just keeps accumulating and thus burning tokens in the process.

Burn Wallet

The SIFI team is born from the global community. The original developer left the project after locking up the contract, so various ambitious community members formed a new motivated team of volunteers, willing to further push the project to success. We are developers, marketing experts and networkers with contacts to charity projects.

Adopted Apes

These are the apes the community has helped save!

Simian Finance
Simian Finance

Join us and help apes

We have a dedicated community that is full of people helping to contribute. Join us now and help us reach our goal of kickstarting this automated donation protocol.

Contact SIFI Team

Have any question? Write to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.